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Happy feet dancing party

There is something to celebrate today. We had a dancing party at Planet ball room, 346 Sandgate Rd, Albion.This party was initially set up for a birthday. Instead of celebrating
traditionally (eating and drinking), someone came up with a great idea
of inviting all the friends to a private dancing class. Celebrate in a
healthy way.

The coach was very nice and experienced. She taught us a bit basics of every dance, jive, cha cha…
After a lot of sweating (no air con, only fans), we voted for the best dancing prince and princess.
To my great honor, I was awarded the best dancing prince prize.
This really boosted my confidence. Maybe I should start thinking seriously having a career in dancing:)

Proof of the prize

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Moon Festival!

Had been in Australia for so many years, and never celebrated moon festival with so many people.
If I was in China, what would I do? I might just stay at home and bite my favourite mooncakes and relax.
Who would worry about the traditions?
But now, we wanted to have a traditional Chinese festival, as traditional as we could make it.

Friends were gathered here and everyone took part in making dumplings. Someone was making the wrappers, and someone was putting the stuffing into it and wrap it up.
Someone was a "professional housewife" at doing it. Mind, I use "professional", because "full-time" doesn’t stress her super-skills enough.
And someone was really a novice and enjoyed learning and making their own dumplings.
Finally, we fried (strongly recommended) some dumplings and boiled most of them, and enjoyed a great meal with a lot of food and drinks.

To make it more fun, we got some paper lanterns. A red candle was lit and put inside the lantern, and the lantern was then hung  under the eaves.

Then we sat on the grass in the backyard, stuffing us with fruit (grape is essential in the moon festival) and mooncakes. Lanterns are usually accompanied by puzzle games. We prepared some so called "lantern puzzles" and it was really amazing when someone really got the answer right. Let’s have a test, see if you know the answer:
One puzzle was like this:

You can do it. I can do it. Everyone can do it. One person can do it, but two people can’t do it together.

What is it?

Gathering your friends and appreciating the moon together, that is what the moon festival is all about. And we had a fun and memorable moon festival last night. Looking forward to next festival.

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TAB: Horse racing

There is something to remember for today.
I paid my first visit to TAB. I played and I won!
When I knew the first two horses (Summery & Eldemore?) were the ones that I picked, I shouted again and again: I won, I won. Had no idea about how much money I would get though.
It was only a small amount of money. However, the feeling of winning is always thrilling, especially when it is a new game.
Oh, boys. It was a lot of fun.
So it seems I made a good start. But the more I think about this, the more I feel that it is only trying to tempt me to play. haha

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